Client: LähiTapiola
Date: 2015
Services: Manuscript, Filming, Editing


A comedic representation of an uninsured students life

Lähitapiola called us and with the request of creating an ad that will motivate more young students to buy home- and life-insurances. Their research showed that young adults often felt invincible and asked us to find a way to find a comedic way to crush this illusion and inform them of the dangers in their everyday life. Everybody has at some point of their life experienced a day where everything goes wrong.

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Client: LähiTapiola
Date: 2015
Services: Manuscript, Filming, Editing

The production

With focus on brand identity 

Colors, product placement and grading – the customers distinct and familiar branding is present everywhere; around every corner and in every shot of the video. It might be subtle, you might even not notice it. But unconsciously the viewer automatically associate the video to one of the countrys biggest and most trusted brands – a feeling that drives customer engagements through the roof.


DOP/Grip: Didrik Lundsten
Gaffer/Camera assts: Filip Lundsten
Composer: Oliver Tschernij
Make up: Matilda Sundqvist, Jenny Lemberg

Staring: Tobias Reuter
Extras: Jelka Björkqvist

Produced by: Oliwer Bäcklund / Meaningless Productions Ab

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