Skärgårdens Skogstjänst

Local woodworking company


A branding from the scratch up for a small woodworking company based in the Finnish Archipelago.

Viktor Johansson, the founder of Skärgårdens Skogstjänst, decided to start his own company specializing in striking down problematic trees. You know, the kind of trees that could ruin your house if the wrong weather occurred. In the Finnish Archipelago, consisting of thousands of small islands, Viktor decided to not only travel by car but also by boat – effectively making the whole archipelago his place of business.

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Client: Skärgårdens skogstjänst
Date: June 8, 2017
Services: Design, Branding, Photography

The logo

Simple, modern and elegant.

The logo resembles a pair of pines getting struck by the blades of a chainsaw, but the chainsaw also doubles as waves to show where Viktor and Skärgårdens Skogstjänst work. The color, green, was a natural choice for someone working so close to nature – but we decided to choose a tad more modern hue of green.

The photos

Out in the woods 

The photos were all shot during a work intensive day for Skärgårdens Skogstjänst. Shot with a 70-200mm telephoto lens and a wide angle lens to make a variety of different looks for future use in marketing.